ASIG Software:
Professional Software Services for the UW Agriculture and Life Sciences

There is no simple way to produce complex software. (You can have it fast, good, or cheap; pick two. Anyone who tells you otherwise is hustling you.) But you can and should expect good software, on schedule, without the risk of technology implosions, impenetrable code that almost works, or programs that solve the wrong problem.

ASIG Software is a tightly-knit team of software development experts whose life-sciences experience spans more than 30 years of public- and private-sector programming, and project managment. We have a proven track record of shipping working software. We've learned the hard way what works and what's just hype. You can leverage that experience.

Why Use Us?

As a customer for software services, you have a right to expect:
  • Professional developers with domain experience.
  • High developer availability.
  • State of the art practices.
  • Developers that understand your needs.
  • No more write-only programs!
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What can we do for you?

Here are some of the kinds of projects we can help you with:
  • Free standing database design and construction
  • Data entry or modeling tools
  • Web based modeling
  • Survey or database products
  • Educational products for instruction or visualization
  • Research tools for data acquisition, visualization or analysis
  • Coaching or managing on your own software development projects

How do we do it?

  • We deliver the simplest possible solutions that work
  • We deliver products that work with your computing environment
  • We are experienced with Windows, Linux and OS X platforms
  • If needed, we can provide server and database facilities.
  • Extensive weather and climate databases for ag applications
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How Do We Get Started?

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation estimate for your software project.